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Numbers that Matter provides simplified and affordable back-office services. 

We cater to Social Enterprises and other Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as we believe in their capability to stimulate economic development especially in the countryside and to help reduce poverty by creating jobs for the Philippines’ growing labor force.

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Affordable Rates

Social & Environmental Impact

Pragmatic Team

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We are composed of members, with both corporate and social enterprise experience, who are trained on ground to fulfill client’s business needs by balancing best practices and practicality.

We want to contribute to a better world so we choose clients with the same values as us. We work with businesses and organizations that recognize the needs of others and strive to create positive impact.

We deliver comprehensive services at affordable rates and flexible prices to cater to clients depending on their unique requirements.

How We Started

We started in as the finance department of GK Enchanted Farm, a social enterprise venture builder involved in industries like food and beverage, agriculture, tourism, and others.


We started with 3 members and we organized, administered and managed the back-office of the company. From then on, we evolved into a business unit that extends the same business support services to other social enterprises. Our team then spun off as Numbers that Matter Inc. in 2019.


Our Clients

We provide business consulting and support services to Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs), especially not-for profit organizations, social enterprises, and other organizations that do good. Based on our experience with GK Enchanted Farm, and working with other social enterprises, we’ve come to value partners that recognize their capacity to contribute to the greater good.

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Gina Lynn Valdez, CPA

Managing Director & Engagement Manager

Gina has over 12 years of experience in Finance & Accounting (F&A), starting her career with one of the large auditing firms in the country, to multi-national corporations, and a top local bank. Her exposure with social enterprises started in 2016 serving as the F&A Head of a social enterprise. Gina, seeing that F&A function is needed in many other social enterprises, founded Numbers that Matter in 2017 together with a young and dedicated team.  


Mark Angelo dela Torre, CPA

Engagement Manager

Angelo started with the team in 2017 as an on-the-job trainee (OJT) for his school requirements. As he is quick-witted and smart, even as an OJT, he was immediately given the critical tasks of drafting tax returns and preparing accounting books. After graduating and passing the CPA board examination, he decided to continue working with the team and is now proficient with taxes and regulatory compliance, bookkeeping, and financial reports.

Meet the Team


Janna Merriel Blanco, CPA

Chief Finance Officer & Engagement Manager

Janna started her career as a Financial Planner and Analyst for one of the largest beverage manufacturers in the Philippines, where she closely worked with the President, CFO, and other executive managers. When she was challenged to take part in the inclusive growth story of the Philippines, it led her to eventually co-lead Numbers that Matter Inc. in 2019. 


Angielyn Tamayo


Angie is a graduate scholar of SEED Philippines. She started with the team as an intern in 2017. Though not an accountancy graduate, she was relied on to help out in taxes and regulatory compliance, and in bookkeeping. With her perseverance, Angie continues to provide support for clients from taxes, accounting, and ERP software implementation projects.


Dorelene Dimaunahan, CMA, CHRP

Engagement Manager

Dorelene has spent 12 years working with industries in beauty, manufacturing and distribution, real estate, and IT. As a consultant, she specializes in HR management, market research, strategic planning and audit, franchise management, and organizational behavior, just to name a few. ​She is currently an educator in various universities, a coach to enterprenuers, and she conducts training for various medium to large-scale companies. ​

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