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Fists in Solidarity

We believe in the critical role of accountants and other finance professionals in ensuring that companies comply and make better business decisions. We deliver our services together with our trusted  Certified Public Accountant (CPA) partners who, not only have the technical expertise but also have the commitment to serve.

If you would like to explore how you can be a partner, contact us!

CPA Partners

Executive Office
Janna Blanco.jpg

Janna Merriel Blanco

Janna has a genuine pursuit for excellence and continuous improvement, not only for herself, but also for the organizations that she’s working with.

She started her career in 2015 as an Analyst in the Corporate Planning Department of one of the largest beverage manufacturers in the Philippines, where she closely worked with the President, CFO and other executive managers. She was exposed to management accounting and reporting for fast-moving consumer goods for 3 years. This gave her good business acumen and confidence to try out new endeavors.


Being someone who loves to challenge herself and the status quo, she attended various seminars, workshops, and activities outside of her comfort zone, and even beyond her profession. This exploration led her to GK Enchanted Farm, where she was challenged to take part in the inclusive growth story of the Philippines. She took-up this challenge and became a co-founder of NTMI in 2019.


Since then, she has been helping Social Enterprises and Not-for-Profit Organizations improve their operations by providing back-office support services and by implementing simplified financial managements systems.


Janna is currently the Finance Director of NTMI while also managing NTMI's Bulacan cluster. She is also a business owner of a cafe located in her hometown in Pangasinan.


Gina Lynn Valdez

Gina is a pragmatic leader with a bias towards action. She believes in simplifying concepts and creating practical systems and tools to achieve a goal. 


She has been a CPA since 2007 and has worked in one of the largest auditing firms in the country, in one of Philippines' top banks and in two multinational BPO companies in various audit, finance and accounting roles. She found her calling with Social Enterprises and Not-for-Profit Organizations back in 2016 when she joined GK Enchanted Farm as the Head of Finance. Since then, Gina has been pushing to provide quality accounting services for impact-driven organizations so they can grow their impact without worrying about compliance or financial records.


Gina is also passionate about providing opportunities to young adults so they can achieve their potential. By securing their basic need for decent work and creating an environment where they can thrive, Gina believes that they can become better persons who will care for the clients, for the country and for the environment.


Gina founded NTMI in 2019 as her way to contribute to the social and environmental efforts of various organizations and as her means to live the life she wants. 

Gina is currently the Managing Director of NTMI and at the same time the director of the Baguio cluster. Gina does consultancy projects outside NTMI, working with other organizations for good.

Cedric Apurillo.jpg

Cedric Francis Apurillo

Ced is a seasoned tax practitioner hailing from Tacloban, Leyte.

He became a CPA in 2005. He has more than 5 years experience as Tax Auditor in the country's largest professional services firm. As Tax Auditor, Ced was involved in providing tax services to various companies belonging to diverse industries – insurance, banking, real estate, aviation, manufacturing, and PEZA/BOI, among others. He was a Tax Director when he left the firm.

Ced also has more than 8 years of experience as Tax Manager of two non-life insurance companies. He was involved in handling corporate tax issues, as well as indirectly handling the related tax issues of the clients and intermediaries (i.e., agents and brokers) of these companies.

Ced became the Tax Director of NTMI in 2021, bringing his vast experience on taxation to help out Social Enterprises and Not-for-Profit Organizations. Aside from serving NTMI clients, Ced also has his own professional practice handling corporate and individual tax compliance services, due diligence services, contract tax services and tax litigation support services.

Institutional Partners

We also believe in collaborating with organizations that empower other businesses. If you are just that organization, join us so that we can reach and enable even more social enterprises, community-based enterprises, and other micro, small and medium enterprises.


IISLA Ventures directs investments and capital towards scalable enterprises in sectors that support rural development. IISLA as a social enterprise, strongly believes that we can collectively create an equitable world where people from diverse backgrounds and locations, get access to the same opportunities.

GK Enchanted Farm - Logo.png

GK Enchanted Farm is a community of Social Enterprises & Agri Entrepreneurs, all of whom are passionate about creating positive change and shared prosperity for all. The farm supports homegrown business and engages with farmers through fair trade practices and sustainable partnerships.

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