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Updated: Sep 25, 2020

When we were starting our small consulting and shared services company, we struggled to come up with a name. We’re accountants, not marketing geniuses. An idea is not gonna pop up in a snap. After months, yes months, of pondering we finally came up with Numbers that Matter, and these words just stuck.

Why look back on that now?

Since a few weeks ago, the world drastically changed. It summoned our medical practitioners to the frontlines of a war, and it literally slowed down the lives of most of us as we were tasked to stay at home. So here we are, working in our homes, planning for the new world after all these chaos. But still, we are also looking back, savoring this moment when our lives have taken a breather from the busy days that used to be our norm. Like us, we hope you're able to take advantage of this time to reflect on what this pandemic has taught us.

Here are a few of our thoughts.

  • In these trying times, we are taught to live with the basics. We don’t need fancy wardrobes. We don’t need the latest gadgets. We need food. And not the gourmet food in restaurants; we need nutritious food, those that can sustain our bodies and boost our immune system to prevent us and our families from getting sick. We have learned to appreciate our farmers, our producers who ensure we have the fresh produce in our tables.

  • Aside from eating healthy, we are forced to engage in other activities to take care of our health. We learn to regularly exercise. We have been deprived of our usual excuse of being busy and not having enough time to exercise. Now, we have more time–no more commuting (that’s hours of freed time every day). We have learned to discipline ourselves and do what is good for our body.

  • We are forced to stay home and be with our families. We now realize that work can be integrated with our home lives, somehow. For some, we realized that we don’t have to leave our provinces and be in the Metro to earn a living. There is a way we can be productive, work, and still stay together with our families.

  • Most importantly, in the face of this pandemic, the true nature of man is surfacing. We see people helping strangers. Big and small businesses donating money, relief goods, masks, their own products, etc. Even those who don’t have too much selflessly extend any help they could to the more needy. People are naturally helping others without any return. This goes to show that man will naturally help man in times of need.

Before we started as a business, we’ve been meeting entrepreneurs who never bothered to check a gauge and assess if they’re reaching their business goals. They are basically driving blind–not knowing how fast they’re running or if they still have enough gas left. They just drive. Most of them are Social Entrepreneurs who want to find a solution to a social issue, who want to help an indigenous group, or who want to give sustainability to communities in the countryside.

Recognizing the goals of these entrepreneurs, we decided to capitalize on what we can do to assist them. We focused on building those gauges that will equip them to make more data-driven decisions–providing them relevant numbers that would matter to them, and in our little ways, help them help their beneficiaries.

As we recount it this way, it just makes it clearer in our minds the very reason why we started and why we should keep pushing. Truly, the business landscape will change after this pandemic, but for sure, there will still be entrepreneurs and businesses who will thrive and there will be those who will push to thrive to help other people survive.

There is more to life than financial gains. The goal for being in business should not be solely about profit but also to help improve lives of other people. It’s a constant pursuit, despite the odds, to being truly human and making this world a way better place than it was before. And that’s what truly matters.

In these times, what have you discovered? What truly matters to you and your business?

Numbers that Matter works with organizations who also believe that being in business is more than earning a profit; it is also ensuring that the lives of other people are uplifted. Whether you call yourselves as Social Entrepreneurs or not, we would like to work with you in uplifting more lives. Connect with us so we can explore how we can specifically assist you.

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