Back-office Support for Social Enterprises

Our commitment is to provide relevant financial reports for decision making and regulatory compliance by providing a shared back-office. 

We take a holistic approach to accounting 

We devise recommendions for improvements and solutions, based on our analysis of your business as a whole.

We simplify the way your business works

We want to achieve optimal results and improve efficiency through the simplification of internal processes.

We make employee management easy

We offer convenience in managing human resource activities and offer training for your current or incoming staff.

Systems Integration

Business processes should not be independent of each other. Efficiency in operations is achieved when processes are integrated into a system with the right accountabilities defined and proper internal controls in place.

Our Services

Outsourced Accounting and HR Services

Outsourcing accounting and HR functions allows you to work with a professional team so you can free up time, have less to worry about, and focus on the growth of your business.​

Consultation Services

Through consultation, we 

resolve specific issues that arise in the accounting and human resource activities of a company. We also provide consultation for

business registration, internal 

audit, and tax compliance.

Let's work together for the growth and sustainability of your business

Work with a team led by experienced CPAs 

Avail of affordable rates for more extensive services 

Ensure you create social impact for the long-run

Book a free discovery meeting with us so we can talk about the challenges you may be facing and we can explore how we work together.

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