Numbers that Matter provides simplified and affordable back-office services. 

We cater to Social Enterprises and other Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) as we believe in their capability to stimulate economic development especially in the countryside and to help reduce poverty by creating jobs for the Philippines’ growing labor force.

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Affordable Rates

Social & Environmental Impact

Pragmatic Team

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We are composed of members, with both corporate and social enterprise experience, who are trained on ground to fulfill client’s business needs by balancing best practices and practicality.

We want to contribute to a better world so we choose clients with the same values as us. We work with businesses and organizations that recognize the needs of others and strive to create positive impact.

We deliver comprehensive services at affordable rates and flexible prices to cater to clients depending on their unique requirements.

How We Started

We started as the finance department of GK Enchanted Farm, a social enterprise venture builder involved in industries like food and beverage, agriculture, tourism, and others.


We started with 3 members and we organized, administered and managed the back-office of the company. From then on, we evolved into a business unit that extends the same business support services to other social enterprises. Our team then spun off as Numbers that Matter Inc. in 2019.