Numbers that Matter provides back-office support to Social Enterprises and MSMEs

Over the years of working with Social Enterprises and MSMEs, we’ve seen how grand visions fail just because of non-compliance or unreadiness for investments or grants. We, at NTMI, aim to support organizations so that they won’t fail because of any of these reasons and so that they can grow and eventually, help more.

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We C.A.N.



We want to contribute to a better world so we support those who strive to create positive impact even in their own little ways.



We believe that small businesses can grow and make it big. Being entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand how it is like to start and grow a business. 



We want to share what we know whether to our team members or to our clients so that they can grow and improve.

How We Started

We started as the finance department of GK Enchanted Farm, a social enterprise venture builder involved in industries like food and beverage, agriculture, tourism, and others.


We started with 3 members and we established the financial management system and processes of the company. From then on, we evolved into a business unit that extends the same business support services to other social enterprises and MSMEs.


Our team then spun off as Numbers that Matter Inc. in 2019 with a mission to help those who help.