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We focus on what truly matters to us -- to help those who help.

Over the years of working with Social Enterprises, Non-Profits and MSMEs, we’ve seen how grand visions fail just because of non-compliance or unreadiness for investments or grants.

We, at Numbers that Matter Inc. (NTMI), aim to support organizations so that they won’t fail because of any of these reasons and so that they can grow and create more value to the world.

If you would like to explore how you can be part of our team, contact us!

We C.A.N.

Team Task


We genuinely try to help by understanding our client’s context

We go beyond what is expected to deliver great results

We work on-ground to get things done


We seek personal growth

We strive to leave things better than we found them

We withstand challenges and move forward


We share our learnings to our team and clients

We contribute ideas and feedback to help the team and our clients improve

How We Started

We started as the finance department of a social enterprise.


We established the financial management system of the company by integrating processes with digital platforms available. We focused on compliance and management reporting while the rest of the company continued pursuing the mission without worrying of the back-office. 

Demand for our services, that promote transparency and accountability of resources, grew when other social enterprises began to express their need for an effective finance department.

Our team spun off in 2019 to heed the call for back-office support. We carried the values we've learned from working in a social enterprise and brought the hope that organizations continue to create value with our assistance.

Office Setup
Jaylyn Conde.jpg

Jaylyn Conde

At NTMI, even in a work from home setup, I feel the connection between us. I feel like I am always heard.

With NTMI, I am able to grow - to go beyond what I can do in the present. By giving trainings and new responsibilities that are completely beyond what I normally do, they challenge me to go outside of my comfort zone with the right support and guidance.

I only feel gratitude towards NTMI. The team has always pushed me to put my best foot forward.

Angielyn Tamayo .jpg

Angielyn Tamayo

NTMI strives to do good and improve people's lives, and I believe I am a living proof of that.

Being part of NTMI has been a huge help to me as a young woman with no accounting background. NTMI taught me not only the technical aspects of accounting, but also what numbers truly mean in the business world. 

The opportunity they gave me to study again and become a CPA soon has been the most significant change in my life since I became a member of the team.

Angelo Parel.jpg

Michael Angelo Parel

At NTMI, I feel that my growth has an impact on the growth of the company and that my contribution is not being disregarded, but appreciated. I am not just an employee but a part of a growing family.

NTMI makes sure that they understand every team member's needs and ensure that a specific career path is already planned out for them. With this, I can focus on building my skills so I can be prepared for my growing responsibilities and future roles in providing services to our clients and supporting the team.

What Our Team Has To Say

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