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The Forgotten Role of Accountants in Value Creation

  • Our world is fast changing. The things that we thought are valuable in the past are now less valuable.

  • Businesses and organizations lead the transformation of our world to adapt to the changing times through more  sustainable and innovative business models.

  • Most entrepreneurs and leaders do not have finance background. Yet, Finance and Accounting is a key pillar to hold a company up.

  • The role of accountants is to serve as support to transformational entrepreneurs and leaders to help them achieve their vision.

  • However, accountants are side-tracked. They were made to focus on the less valuable tasks. They need to go back to their true purpose in value creation.

Proposed new definition of accounting

“Accounting is a technical,
social and moral practice
concerned with the sustainable
utilization of resources and
proper accountability to
stakeholders to enable the
flourishing of organizations,
people and nature.”

Carnegie et al, 2020

What is the initiative all about?

Accountants for Good offers training programs to equip accountants with the necessary skills suitable in our ever-changing world, to help them succeed in
life by contributing to value creation of businesses and organizations.

Growth-Focused Training Programs


Equipping participants with the right values and technical know-hows to succeed as an accounting associate

Middle Managers Training

Learning the basics of managing a successful team by nurturing clients and team members

Finance Leaders Training

Leading a finance team towards growth using practical leadership and management tools

Masters Programs

Exploring career opportunities as finance leaders whether as entrepreneurs, investment bankers, sustainability officers and others

Teenage Students Raising Hands

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