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Regulatory Update No. 2021-51

Stay updated with regulatory issuances! To help you out, we've summarized here a list of those released last week (Dec. 26 to 31):

View issuances on the below links.

RMC 128-2021

RMC 129-2021

RMC 130-2021

RMC 131-2021

View issuance on the below link.

Circular 2021-021

Circular 2021-022

View issuance on the below link.

Labor Advisory 24-21

Tip that Matters: Make it a habit to check the website or social media pages of regulatory agencies to keep abreast with any changes in regulations or any new requirements. You can also follow service providers like Numbers that Matter on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to be equipped with simplified and practical explanations on topics relevant to micro, small and medium enterprises.

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The list covers those released by the BIR, SEC, SSS, PhilHealth, HDMF and DOLE. Other companies may have other regulatory requirements. Need help in keeping track and fulfilling these requirements? Contact us.

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